We are parents, better with forjo!

forjo was developed by me in close cooperation with St. George's School in Cologne, as we wanted to end the daily confrontation with our children about excessive and mostly senseless use of mobile phones, following the motto: "A mobile phone should be a servant, not a master!". In addition, the daily conflicts with my son, which were not really resolved by the currently available solutions such as screen time restrictions, child protection, and family links. The core problem was always that all of the aforementioned tools were perceived by my son as a kind of "punishment" rather than as an "opportunity".

Our idea was therefore, "solve a task and then you can play". Because statistically, our children aged between 10 and 15 unlock their mobile phones between 60 and 100 times a day. Specifically, by using forjo, my son solves about 60 tasks a day, such as 16x21 or 396/18, or chooses the correct translation for "jump the queue". forjo thus uses the reward mechanism for daily learning processes.

I have been seeing progress in my son for weeks and have therefore decided to provide forjo for free and ad-free to every child. With forjo, there is a meaningful attention breaker for iOS and Android, which automatically makes mathematics, vocabulary trainers, or even self-created topics accessible to various age groups.

forjo is also anonymous, no registration is required for use, and personal data is not requested. The statistics for correct and incorrect answers can be retrieved at any time by a randomly generated identifier.

Free Learning App for iPhone, iPad and Android