Faster and smarter with forjo

Don't let the TikToks, YouTubes, and Minecrafts of this world dumb you down.

forjo diverts your attention for a few seconds away from these consumer apps to topics that are important to you; several times a day.

You can decide alone or together with your parents/teachers whether you want to intelligently "distract" yourself with math/English/chemistry or learning questions about your hobbies. If, for example, you want to study for the next vocabulary test, then use forjo.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what you learn exactly, we just care that TikTok and YouTube don't win permanently, because then you're the losers. forjo helps you not to be counted among the losers, a little bit more every day.

Less fighting with your parents, more recognition from friends and respect from teachers.

For your future, it's worth it: forjo.

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