Always Learning with forjo

You have certainly followed many discussions about the abusive use of mobile phones by your students at various parent evenings and teacher conferences.

And what is it exactly about? As soon as a short 5-minute break begins, the students usually grab their mobile phones. TikTok / YouTube / Minecraft and many others immediately have the full attention of our children. The mobile phone with its apps immediately becomes the master and not the servant.

forjo breaks this attention with pedagogical content that can be customized. For example, you can set the Latin vocabulary for the next vocabulary test at forjo.

Every time a student wants to open their desired app, forjo intervenes and asks, for example, for the translation of "noscere". One more word learned. The same applies, for example, to math, English, chemistry, or other subjects, all of which can be practiced through multiple-choice questions or math problems in basic arithmetic at forjo.

forjo takes advantage of the fact that our children unlock their phones 60-100 times a day. That would be 60-100 math problems / English vocabulary words or chemical elements in the periodic table that can be queried in addition to lessons - every day, every week, automatically played and counted.

An additional educational opportunity for our students: forjo - free, ad-free, and anonymous.

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