Less arguments with forjo

Unfortunately, consumer apps such as TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, etc. have gained more and more attention from our children. We should protect our children who are too young to recognize that with excessive media consumption, they not only waste valuable time, but also harm themselves.

forjo wants to focus our children's attention daily, several times when unlocking an app, on academic topics such as a math problem / English vocabulary or a question about chemistry. Here, there are many subject areas that our children can learn through multiple-choice questions. forjo provides access that allows individual content to be set.

forjo gives you as parents the peace of mind of having to discuss mobile phone usage less. Additionally, you can compete with your child in a playful competition and compare who has solved more tasks in the evening, every day, every week, every month.

For example, you can also agree on a pocket money arrangement - for every correct answer, there is 5 cents, then with 600 correct answers, the 30 euros pocket money per month is also earned honestly. The sooner our children learn that performance is based on reciprocity, the better prepared they are for their future.

Help your child with forjo.

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